Incorporated according to the Swiss Civil Code Art. 60 ff. 1981 in Berne.

Main Topics

The main topics of the 18th World Congress of the WADP are:

  • Aspects of creativity
  • Concepts of theories
  • Creativity and human development
  • Creativity and psychopathology
  • Creativity, best practices and treatment methodology
  • Psychotherapy of the self as a creative process
  • Personal development as a creative process
  • Society and (trans-)cultural aspects
  • Ethics and spirituality
  • Philosophy, aesthetics, sociology, anthropology
  • Biology, neurosciences, neurology, neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology, cognition
  • Health care, prevention and rehabilitation
  • Brain-research and emotional aspects
  • Interdisciplinary aspects
  • Creativity and group dynamics
  • Imaginal thought
  • Future challenges for the creativity of mankind