Incorporated according to the Swiss Civil Code Art. 60 ff. 1981 in Berne.

Main Topics of the Congress 2017

The main topics of the 18th World Congress of the WADP are:

  • Aspects of creativity
  • Concepts of theories
  • Creativity and human development
  • Creativity and psychopathology
  • Creativity, best practices and treatment methodology
  • Psychotherapy of the self as a creative process
  • Personal development as a creative process
  • Society and (trans-)cultural aspects
  • Ethics and spirituality
  • Philosophy, aesthetics, sociology, anthropology
  • Biology, neurosciences, neurology, neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology, cognition
  • Health care, prevention and rehabilitation
  • Brain-research and emotional aspects
  • Interdisciplinary aspects
  • Creativity and group dynamics
  • Imaginal thought
  • Future challenges for the creativity of mankind