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Abstract Jedrejcic, Gorana; Kreiner, Sieglinde

Lecture in German with English subtitels
On Clinical Social Work – From Destructive to Constructive Aggression towards Pacification

We begin with a brief overview of the work of the Dynamic-Psychiatric Klinik Menterschwaige (Munich) social services: establishing prospects in single and group sessions, group work (milieutherapeutic groups, skills groups and discharge groups).

During in-patient treatment, the team, together with the patients take stock of the individual’s current situation. Together, we establish realistic goals and prepare for a healthy situation after discharge from hospital, regarding:

  • Housing/self care
  • Structure and integration into the labour market
  • Development of interests and hobbies
  • Build-up of a supportive social network and a constructive approach to the mental illness

Using a fictional example, we will demonstrate the efficacy of our work. We will show how the deficient / destructive handling of internal aggression can lead to the hopeless and precarious situations many of our patients find themselves in. This constitutes the starting point on admission to the in-patient treatment and signifies the beginning of our work.

We employ measures and methods which are available to us and coordinate these with all other therapies/treatment methods available at our clinic. In doing so, we support our patients in accepting the reality of the status quo as a step towards constructive aggression which in turn will lead to a vision of a future holding many prospects.

Jedrejcic, Gorana; Kreiner, Sieglinde


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