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Abstract Robertovna, Khalfina Regina; Faritovich, Timerbulatov Ilgiz; Fanilovna, Timerbulatova Milyausha; Ramilovna, Shakirova Elvira

Gender specific Manifestations of Aggression in Young People

The increase in aggressive manifestations is today one of the most acute social problems of our society. Aggression, in whatever form it manifests itself, is behavior aimed at causing harm or damage to another living being.

The stresses of everyday life, the breakdown of the traditional family structure, information fatigue, the abundance of violence on television-these and other reasons lead to increased anxiety and aggression. In these conditions, the analysis of the problem of manifestations and level of aggression becomes relevant.

In this article we will try to identify the differences in the manifestation of aggression in young people with different gender identity.

Taking into account the gender factor in the analysis of human aggressiveness is the most important principle for improving preventive and correctional work with aggressive adolescents. Based on this, the aim of this study is to identify the tender features of aggression in adolescents

Robertovna, Khalfina Regina
Faritovich, Timerbulatov Ilgiz
Fanilovna, Timerbulatova Milyausha
Ramilovna, Shakirova Elvira
Lecturer at Bashkir state University, Ufa, Russia


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