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Abstract Urban, Martin

Aggression must be – has war to be as well?
Theoretical considerations and practical consequences, following K.Lorenz, G.Ammon, J.Bowlby, F.Ruppert and own experiences.

Aggression seems to be one of the essential drives of animals and human beings. Thus it “must be”. G. Ammon pointed out that it is primarily constructive: It serves the chance of survival. Only if it fails its purpose, it changes into destructive forms.

This is clear for individuals – is it necessarily the same for groups, small groups as well as for nations?

The need for attachment to the mother (J. Bowlby) tends to mutate into the adherence to groups (family, sibs, nation).

Thus the need for self-defense transfers to the fight for survival of the group. Observations with Eastern Germany youngsters seem to show that lack of secure attachment in childhood improves the development of political extremism which is one of the most dangerous roots of nationalism and war. In consequence, the most important prevention of war has to start with family care.

According to Franz Ruppert, “we all are traumatized persons”, we live in a traumatized society (2018). Traumatized persons (and nations) tend to revenge, if they don’t cope with the awareness of their own traumatization and learn to interact according to the vulnerability of themselves and their social partners. This is a matter of psychological and political education.

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