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Abstract Weiss, Cornelia

Albert Camus, Philosopher of Freedom and Peace

Albert Camus, who is known as one of the most genius und important authors of the last century, figured not only as philosopher, poet, journalist, theatre dramaturge, but first of all as political man, a moral voice and instance in second world war and following years – until his mortal car accident in 1960.

Born and grown up in poor Algerian milieu, Camus´ first journalistic engagement was to report on the cabylian people suffering of hunger and diseases in the north of French colonized Algeria. Further on he published hundreds of articles and essays on themes such as injustice, exploitation, War and Peace, Solidarity of mankind and responsibility of each of us to honour life and avoid any kind of despair (one of the reasons to kill another human being).

Far away of any absolute and ideological point of view, Camus is one of the representatives of “mediteranian thinking” which dreams of uniting all countries and nations into one human society, characterized by respect, democracy, tolerance, mutual enrichment and help. In my lecture I want to introduce the political man Albert Camus.

Weiss, Cornelia
Dipl.-Psych., Psychologische Psychotherapeutin, Psychoanalytikerin, Berlin


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