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Abstract Freisleben, Julia Anna; Nicastro, Nicoletta

Alternative measures to detention, alternative measures to aggression: group work with psychodrama to process and re-modulate aggressive behaviour

This paper generates from the work we made and we‘re still doing with people under arrest who carry out their sentence outside the prison with alternative measures to detention. One of the dynamics that emerges most frequently from their experiences is a strong aggressive component that is often acted towards society, at other times self-oriented through self-harm.

The punishment that follows the non-compliance with the norm, is not interpreted as a moment to reflect on their own mistake, but becomes a greater reason for anger and aggression that in fact increases tension and distrust towards society.

Since November 2017, our goal is to reach an awareness of the meaning of one’s actions and a re-modulation and processing of aggression. Our work is carried out through groups based on a psychodynamic perspective and which have as an instrument of expression the technique of Psychodrama. This aspect also symbolically represents the concept of “Restorative Justice” which, through psychodrama, allows the offender to reflect on his mistake and understand the harm done to the victim, establishing a process of empathy that has a positive impact on the re-education of the inmate and the containment of his aggression.

Dr. Freisleben, Julia Anna; Dr. Nicastro, Nicoletta


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