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Abstract Bihler, Thomas

Ammon´s concept of aggression in the light of attachment theory and neurobiology

Günter Ammon´s reformulation of the concept of aggression in psychoanalysis and his turning away from Freud´s notion of instinctual drives as the main motivational forces of the psyche marked the starting point of an independent theoretical development. 50 years after the first edition of Ammon´s fundamental work “The group dynamics of aggression” it is necessary to re-examine his remarks about the nature and significance of aggression and reassess them in the light of empirical research results from the last decades. The lecture tries to indicate how Ammon´s concept of aggression might be confirmed by empirical studies in attachment research and neurobiology, but will also review research results that might hint at the need to modify certain features of Ammon´s theoretical considerations.

Bihler, Thomas


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