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Abstract Bolshunova, Svetlana

Restoring the internal space of the victims of aggression. (From the chaos of destruction to harmony with the world.)

Lecture with images of harm and emotional reactions to harm in the treatment of victims of aggression (including sexual) using a combination of EOT methods and Structural art therapy.

The report examines the therapy of victims of violence in the paradigm of Emotional-Image Therapy (EOT). EOT is a new Russian psychotherapeutic method created by the candidate of psychological sciences, Professor Linda Nikolai Dmitrievich, related to the psychodynamic and psychoanalytic areas. As well as diagnostics and transformational work with bodily experiences of emotional states using structural art therapy techniques and design art therapy. Events from past experience, transgenerational injuries affecting anxiety. Attention is paid to working with images of feelings, emotional experiences of the victim in bodily sensations, the image of the harm done is considered, so are bodily sensations of pain, wounds, damage. With practical examples: art therapy and psychological rehabilitation of women after breast cancer, patients with depressive symptoms and symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Bolshunova, Svetlana
Master of Psychology and Art Therapy


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