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Abstract Brisch, Karl-Heinz, Professor M.D; Keren, Miri M.D; Abdallah, Ghassan PhD

Peace and Aggression: What can clinicians from both sides of a violent and chronic geopolitical conflict do?

The basic assumption of the work presented in this workshop is that we, as mental health clinicians living in an area of unresolved and long geopolitical conflict with very high levels of aggression, have a special role in counteracting the dehumanizing process that takes place in societies in war. This role needs to be reflected in concrete acts, while keeping in mind that it will not change the situation at the macro level, but may be at the individual level it can. An example of this approach is in the joint Palestinian Israeli project we will present in this workshop. The project is based on an attachment-based intervention (B.A.S.E)  Karl-Heinz Brisch has developped to increase empathy and decrease interpersonal violence among toddlers and preschoolers at the kindergarten. We will describe the theoretical and practical aspects of the B.A.S.E intervention, followed by the description of the challenges we are encountering in the Israeli Palestinian joint venture.


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