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Abstract Dr. Janus, Ludwig

Key Lecture
The Contribution of Prenatal Psychology and Psychohistory to the Understanding of the Psychodynamic of Peace and Aggression

There exists in Psychoanalysis since the book „The Trauma of Birth“ from Otto Rank in 1924 a background tradition to the meaning of early preverbal experiences for our emotion and their enduring effects on our feeling and our acting. In the second part of the last century this research mainly developed in the frame of Humanistic Psychology. At the same time there was a broad empirical research for the importance of the conditions in the beginnings of life. The special condition of human birth is the so called “physiological prematurity”. That means, we are born unripe and need supplementary holding and emotional co-regulation up to the end of the second year of life. Then  we reach  a certain autonomy and an orientation by ourselves. Because  of the wretched life conditions for the majority of the population in the traditional cultures traumatizations of the children were normal. This is the background of the nightmare that history was. By the improvement of the parent-child-relations  we have the tool  to grow out of the circles of aggression.


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