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Abstract Flor, Michael

Capturing Group Dynamics: the sociogram as an illustrator of development in groups and their members. A case study.

Group dynamics can be visualised and made tangible based on data. In this workshop I will introduce data visualizations illustrating group development, based on the data provided by a sociogram.

Contrary to the critique of psychodynamic theories in general and group dynamics in particular, qualitative and quantitative data can give diagnostic insight into members’ progress and facilitate understanding of the group process. The information collected reveals the nature and progress of a group as well as its members. The workshop builds on the data and diagrams from a recent psychodynamic study group. This case study will focus on the changing role of leadership in the group over time. I will also illustrate the progress of individual members, attempting to describe how a group forms, evolves and eventually dissolves in a given timeframe and the therapeutic value for its members.

The sociogram used here has been developed in a clinical context of dynamic psychiatry by Günter Ammon and colleagues. A brief scientific history of social rating will complete the presentation.

Michael Flor is a clinical psychologist combining a keen interest in psychodynamics with a love of empirical data. He obtained his diploma in psychology after studying at TU-Darmstadt (DE), Victoria University of Manchester (UK) and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (DE). Flor has been trained as a Gestalt therapist (2008-2012, 2014-2015) and started his training in Psychodynamic Therapy in 2017 at the Deutsche Akademie für Psychoanalyse (DAP). Besides his clinical work, Flor works  in the field of organisational development. Michael Flor is based in Berlin.


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