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Abstract Gerson, Janet; Schmolke, Margit

Psychotherapy, Peace Education, and Gandhian Framework for Exploring Peace & Aggression

Janet Gerson will explore the challenges for peace and conflict practitioners shared with psychiatrists and psychologists – If we take the moral view that all human beings have dignity, how can that be manifested in practical terms? This presentation will engage reflective inquiry, conflict processes, and a relational intersubjective paradigm to explore this question in the current context of displacement, climate crisis, and other disruptions? The aim is to find new approaches to these questions: What can we as practitioners do? What can we encourage ordinary citizens to do?

Vidya Jain will present a Gandhian model for the sustainable individual. Gandhi’s macro model of the society is consistent with the micro model he sets for an individual. Gandhian model of individual behavior has greatest potential for moving towards sustainable societies. It is interesting to note that a set of self-regulated individuals not only feel liberated, but also simultaneously help build a sustainable society that requires least governance and eminently takes care of the ecological questions. The emphasis would be on creation of a new individual by inculcating Gandhian values in him through continuous education. This individual would be foundation of a peaceful society i.e. sustainable society.

Janet Gerson (Ed.D.), Education Director, International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE); former Co-Director, Peace Education Center, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York City, USA; long-time collaboration, Morton Deutsch International Center on Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (MD-ICCCR). 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award, Human Dignity & Humiliation Studies Association.  2014 Peace & Justice Studies Association (PJSA) Award for dissertation Public Deliberation on Global Justice: The World Tribunal on Iraq. Contributing Editor: In Factis Pax, Peace Knowledge Press.  Research and activism: “Kleine Denk Fabrik”, generating small groups for innovative thinking, community-building, and creating. Forthcoming book with Dale Snauwaert:  Reclaimative Post-Conflict Justice: Democratizing Justice in the World Tribunal on Iraq.  


Prof. Vidya Jain is a Professor of Political Science in the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, (India). She was Principal of Maharani College and Director, Centre for Gandhian Studies, Jaipur. She is convener of Nonviolence Commission, IPRA. She was Secretary General of APPRA. Vidya Jain is a scholar of Gandhian, Peace and Gender Studies. She has authored 7 books and innumerable articles in journals. She is on the editorial board of several journals. She is a member of Nonkilling Political Science Committee of the Centre for Nonkilling, Hawaii (USA). She is president of Mahatma Gandhi Foundation for Peace Research.



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