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Abstract Levy, Arnon

Dynamic Positive Coaching Psychology – Workshop for Therapists

This workshop is related to the theme of the conference: Can psychology contribute to the problem of aggression and war in humans? We shall see that we can understand better this issue through self-work in the workshop. The workshops aims to give a short glimpse of a new approach based on neuroscience, positive psychology and coaching psychology to discover and implement the wonderful capacities, often ignored, installed in all of us by natural selection.

We all have in our brains and organisms evolutionary programs operating as automatic pilot.

  • We all behave in a way that guaranty our survival needs of food, shelter, reproduction, security.. When we experience a threat, we have to react quickly to secure our survival need.
  • The organism will produce stress hormones cortisol and adrenalin and will get into fight fright flight reactions, fear and stress. When we are not under threat, our survival program generates feelings of confidence, security assertiveness peacefulness and effectiveness.
  • Unfortunately, our survival program is designed for functioning in nature, while humans live in human cultures which are symbolic environments rather than in nature.
  • The symbolic hazards that a person meets daily may be parents’ lack of appreciation, social vulnerability in school, or fear on being disregarded in his workplace.
  • In such instances and in many minor daily instances the human organism behaves as if the symbolic hazards are life threatening producing stress hormones generating worries, helplessness and anxiety.
  • Because the discordance between cultural contexts and the evolutionary makeup, the brain programs of survival, attachment, and seeking/reward become arrested by dysfunctional learning throughout our lives.
  • In the workshop we learn, by the aid of therapeutic cards and active participation to identify the imps or gremlins that were created throughout our life by dysfunctional learning that block us from being in touch with behaviors of curiosity, flow, creativity, happiness, life energy, enthusiasm and joy generated by our neuro-reward program and operated mainly by dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters.
  • We shall find the imps that block us from feelings of attachment, operated by oxytocin and prolactin which are responsible for our interpersonal relations producing caring, involvement empathy and love.
  • We shall find the cards of magic powers that help us to overcome these imps and learn how to enhance their efficiency. We shall learn to practice by chi-gong exercises integrating the neglected magic powers, which are the great gift, not often used, given to us by the natural selection.
  • And finally while we are doing personal work to liberate ourselves from dysfunctional symbolic threats let us not forget that we are all the time part of the world. We share with humanity the same basic traits created by natural selection. We share with the people that grew up in the same culture as us, the same language, way of thinking and worldview.
  • After all, as you can see in my image below, we are all made of

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