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Abstract Mielimaka, Michal; Rutkowski, Krzysztof; Dembińska, Edyta; Sobańsk, Jerzyi; Citkowska-Kisielewska, Anna; Klasa, Katarzyna

Heterogeneity, diversity and the dynamics of symptoms reported by patients diagnosed with neurotic and personality disorders

The analysis of the distribution and dynamics of symptoms reported by patients suffering from neurotic and personality disorders

Material and methods
The symptoms distribution, intensity and heterogeneity, have been ascertained using the KO “0” Symptoms Checklist, neurotic personality traits have been measured with the use of Neurotic Personality Questionnaire – KON-2016. The questionnaires were filled in by 60 patients during the diagnostic and intake procedure, in the first and sixth week of psychotherapy and at the end of treatment. The reported symptoms have been categorized according to ICD-10 classification criteria. Statistical analysis of the obtained data was performed using appropriate methods.

Considerable heterogeneity and changing dynamics of symptoms reported by patients diagnosed with neurotic and personality disorders were observed. Associations between neurotic personality traits and the magnitude of the dynamics of change in symptoms were established. Patients with high levels of neurotic personality traits more often experience considerable changes in the intensity and distribution of symptoms.

The symptomatic manifestation of neurotic disorders is very unstable both in the intensity of the symptoms and in their distribution. Patients often report extreme in magnitude changes in symptoms even without any therapeutic intervention. In the course of psychotherapeutic treatment of patients with a high level of neurotic personality traits, the measurement of the diversity and distribution of symptoms should be performed regularly.

Mielimaka, Michal
Department of Psychotherapy Jagiellonian University Medical College

Rutkowski, Krzysztof
Dembińska, Edyta
Sobańsk, Jerzyi
Citkowska-Kisielewska, Anna
Klasa, Katarzyn


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