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Abstract Neznanov N., Vasileva A.

Key Lecture
“Aggression” between Survival and Illness

Aggression is one of our inborn survival forces,  that provides us with active seeking behavior, capacity to build relationships and defend one’s own needs and autonomy. In this sense the lack of constructive aggression is a serious predisposition for manifestation of all kinds of diseases as a consequence of inability to deal with life challenges.

In our everyday life we are used to deal with the interference of our borders from different level from outside at macro- and microsocial levels but also from inside. We can consider a very popular modern medicine topic  microbiota as an internal invasion of millions of bacteria in our own body sometimes with very serious consequences for our health. The other example is autoimmune diseases when because of unknown reasons  the defense forces turn against one self.

The adverse early life events can determine positive reinforcement of the self-destructive life style  that can express itself in the depression, psychosomatic diseases and addiction. The early experience of the primary group dynamics with the important others has a crucial role for the further development of aggression as the development and self-realization leading force or the predisposition for a wide spectrum of illnesses.

All mentioned above determines the targeted approach to aggression in the treatment setting with the transformation of destructive and deficient aggression in constructive development as a main goal.

M. Bekhterev National Research Medical Center for Psychiatry and Neurology Saint Petersburg, Russia


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