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Abstract Singh, Mandeep; Doctor, Ronald

Improvised spoken-word workshop: exploring peace and aggression through group free association

This participatory creative workshop uses principles of free association with musical improvisation exercises to create a space where the conference themes can be explored through direct feeling and intuition. This offers a counterpoint to the academic discussions taking place throughout the event. it will be lead by Mandeep Singh, a psychiatrist-to-be and freestyle rapper mentored by Dr Ronald Doctor from the WADP Committee on behalf of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Participants will be gently guided into a state of deep improvisational flow, made easily accessible by a series of carefully designed group exercises. In this state, where conventional executive control over language and thought is bypassed, participants will engage in a refreshing, fun and honest conversation exploring aggression and peace through lyrical improvisation.

The free recall represents a direct approach to participants conceptual categories. In the context of this workshop, the technique serves as a useful tool to engage and better understand the beliefs of various client groups ranging from children to psychiatric-service users. The work shop is very simple to engage with and requires no prior knowledge or experience.

Mandeep Singh is a medical student training to become a psychiatrist at King’ College London, and a spoken word and rap artists. He works at the intersection of music and mental health, developing and delivering workshops in psychiatric wards around London. As a performer he has shared his work at TEDxNHS, the Barbican, Roundhouse and various festivals and conferences around the UK and abroad. He currently focuses on programming creative events for showcasing neurodiverse musicians, supported by The Royal College of Psychiatrists


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