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Abstract Tschuschke, Volker

Key Lecture
Why Do Hostility and Destruction Increase in Western Societies?

A Psychoanalytic-Political Synthesis

Aggression and hostility are genuine forces in living beings and all creatures. But as far as the overwhelming majority of most living beings is concerned, why then is particularly mankind so destructive towards nature, animals, and other humans compared to all other creatures?

As the only living species the so-called homo sapiens has the possibility to reflect on his or her life, the narrowness of his/her existence and the meaning of life. Western cultures are built on an awesome mountain of history, culture, science, and elucidation and people should have learnt their lessons from paying tremendous amounts of blood duty in numerous wars and battles over the centuries. Why then do hostility, hatred, and destruction increase dramatically in societies with the highest living standard, the best life expectation, and the best educational sources humankind has ever created? Never before – even in the aftermath of the World Wars – there has been such mobbing, beating, torturing, hatred, although people on average live in secure, wealthy societies with degrees of freedom and peace that no one had the chance to experience ever before.

Each fourth teacher has been beaten by his/her students at least once, 25% of all children have sleep disturbances, shitstorms are a normal thing in the net, there is a gruesome inflation of child pornography in the net as well as pedophilia, between 10 and 20% of all children suffer from sexual misuse, beats, or neglect by their parents, World War III takes place on German freeways, affluent citizens are not willing to afford appropriate prices for meat and agricultural products although their material richness has never been greater before, exploit animals and nature while sheering for egoistic advantages. Greed and meanness have never been so extended as in this materialistic world.

The presentation will focus on the complex interplay between individual archaic and primitive abysses, the failure of politicians, their corruption, their narcissistic lust for power, the growing anxiety towards a rapid explosion of globalization, the misunderstanding of the principles of democracy, and the loss of reliable instances such as religion, church, authority, and values.


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