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Abstract Urspruch, Ingeborg

Key Lecture
Capability for Peace – Key Considerations from a Psychoanalytic Perspective

Psychoanalysis – especially the one further developed in Dynamic Psychiatry – is more than a treatment science; it includes an interpersonal (group-) understanding of human, his development and existence, and stands for a holistic concept of humankind thus available for social-psychological questions. The author demonstrates how experiences and findings in psychoanalysis can give information about peace ability and capability contained in personal, social and global relationships and the prerequisites to achieve the former. Furthermore a selection of unconscious internalised conflict potential and unconscious tendencies is identified that prevent peace ability and pave the way for suppression and violence.

The consciousness of the uniqueness of our human life and the vulnerability of our space of life, the earth, are shown through texts from peace-theatres.

German Academy for Psychoanalysis, Munich


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