Affiliated member of the WPA – World Psychiatric Association

Main Topics



  • Understanding Destructive Aggression –
    Anthropological, Philosophical, Psychodynamic, Sociological and (Neuro-) Biological Approaches
  • Brain Research
  • The Dynamic Unity of Aggression and Anxiety
  • Dealing with Destructive and Deficient Aggression in Psychotherapy and Psychiatry
  • Aggression and Peaceability as Mental Health Issues
  • Exclusion and Isolation versus Cooperation and Integration
  • Narcissism – Aggression and Personality Disorders
  • Social Aggression during Childhood and Adolescence
  • Trauma and Aggression
  • Body Expression of Aggression
  • Resilience and Aggression
  • Gender Issues and Androgyny
  • Sexualized Violence
  • Peace Education
  • Group Dynamic Concepts in Peace – and Conflict Research
  • Peaceability and Group
  • Peaceablity and Personal Identity
  • Transgenerational Transmission of Aggression and its Prevention
  • Society, Culture, Ethics
  • Mindfulness and Inner Peace
  • Impacts of Globalization and Migration on the Prevalence of Violence
  • Impacts of (Digital) Media on the Prevalence of Violence
  • Solidarity and Public Health