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These are the scheduled symposia of the upcoming WADP Congress 2020.
They might be subject to changes:



Symposia and WPA Section Psychoanalysis in Psychiatry (subject to changes)

Alfonso, César (USA) | Kalayasiri, Rasmon (Bangkok) | Della, Constantine (Manila)  | Jeyasingam, Neil R. (Sydney)
Suicide Psychodynamic and Clinical Considerations
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Doctor, Ronald (London) | Jewell, Michael (London) | Coates, George (London) | Lowe, John (London)
Psychosis and Serious Violence
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Harding, Duncan (London) | Chan, Christine (London) | Doctor, Ronald (London)
The Knife Examined – A Social and Psychoanalytic Discourse on the Rising Rates of Knife-related Crimes Committed by Adolescents in London, UK

Hashemzadeh, Mona (Iran) | Kheradmand, Azadeh (Iran) | Shakiba, Shima (Iran) | Niazifar, Maedeh (Iran) | Solhi, Amin (Iran)
A Return to the Theory of Trauma and it’s Victims
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Jalali Nadoushan | Amir, H. (Tehran) | Salimi, Samrand (Tehran) | Saghebi, Ali (Mashad) | Binandeh, Ruholla (Mashad) | Heidari, Javad (Shahed)  | Farzin Rezai (Sanandaj) | Hemmati Azad (Sanandaj)
Some Aspects of Peace and War in Middle East and it’s Relevance to Psychotherapy

Levy, Arnon (Givatayim) | Levy, Jonathan (Herzliya) | Hriesh-Awawdi, Heba (Kfar-Cana)
Neuroscience and Psychology for Intergroup Conflict Resolution – Lessons from the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict and Neuroscience  Researches  on Empathy under Conflict
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Nekouei, Nasim (Tehran) | Kokar, Sadaf (Tehran) | Artounian, Valentin (Tehran) | Alaie, Solmaz (Tehran)
A psychodynamic/psychoanalytic perspective to the understanding of psychotic and non-psychotic patients
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Makris, Nikos (Massachusetts) | Westin, Carl-Fredrik (Boston) | van der Kouwe, Andre (Boston) | Pallanti, Stefano (Palo Alto)
Neuroscience of Anger and Disgust in a Perspective of Current Precision Psychiatry and Applied Neuroimaging
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Maguire, Alex (London) | Compton Dickinson, Stella (London)
Hate, Causes, Consequences and Cures: The Role of Music Therapy in Creating Harmony Where There is Discord and Violence
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Olarte, Silvia (New York) | Saman Tavakoli (Tehran) | Allan Tasman (Louisville) | Sherry Katz-Bearnot (New York)
Psychodynamic and Social Determinants of Violence
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Orrell, Katya (London) | Mundici, Elena (London) | Spadaro, Francesco (Shreveport)
Challenges in Forensic Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy
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Özcürümez, Gamze (Ankara) | Devrim Basterzi, Ayse (Istanbul) | Gökalp, Peykan (Istanbul)
Violence in the Society on the Street and at Home

Pachtinger, Veronika (London) | Barbara Brouwers (London) | Pak-Maier, Sumi (London) | Doctor, Ronald (London)
Sexual Aggression; the Paradox of Disavowal
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Rahmani, Anahita (Tehran) | Amini, Mozhgan (Tehran) | Chapari, Atieh (Tehran) | Khalili, Navid (Kerman)
Suicide: A Second Look – The Role of Psychodynamic Attitude in Understanding Suicide and Self-harm
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Sullivan, Timothy (New York) | Jimenez, Alma (Manila) | Lukman, Petrin Redayani (Jakarta)  |  Elvira, Sylvia Detri (Indonesia)       A Psychodynamic Approach to Suicide Prevention
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Taylor, Celia (London) | Compton-Dickinson, Stella (London)  | Maguire, Alex (London)
Counterpoint of disturbance
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Thomashoff, Hans-Otto (Vienna) | Sukhanova, Ekaterina (Vienna) | Kastrup, Marianne (Copenhagen) | Botbol, Michel (Brest)
The Roots of Human Aggression
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