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These are the scheduled workshops of the upcoming WADP Congress 2020.
They might be subject to changes:



Selected Workshops (subject to changes)

Aladjem, Asher (New York) | Urban, Nina (New York)
Traumatized LGBT Refugees and their Integration in Mainstream Lives

Ammon, Maria (Berlin) | Burbiel, Ilse (Munich)
Analytic-Structural-Dance Workshop (please bring your own music on a CD)
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Beggi, Mattia (London) | Doctor, Ronald (London)
The Interpersonal Dynamics Consultation: Mentalising Transference and Counter-transference Dynamics
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Bihler, Thomas (Munich)
Working with Aggression and Reconciliation in Inpatient Treatment of Dynamic Psychiatry
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Brisch, Karl-Heinz (Salzburg) | Keren, Miri (Petah Tiqva) | Ghassan, Abdallah (Jerusalem)
What Can Clinicians From Both Sides of a Violent and Chronic Geopolitical Conflict Do?
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Burbiel, Ilse (Munich)
Groupdynamics of Peace

Flor, Michael (Berlin)
Capturing Group Dynamics: the sociogram illustrates changes in groups and their members. A case study
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Gerson, Janet (New York) | Schmolke, Margit (Munich) | Jain, Vidya (Jaipur)
Psychotherapy, Peace Education, and Gandhian Framework for Exploring Peace and Aggression
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Gerson, Janet (New York) | Tahmaz, Elma (Bosniea and Herzegovina) | Chawla, Rosie (China) | Barrera, Alejandra (Mexico/Austria)
Peace as Relational: Regional Challenges and Approaches
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Giovannozzi, Gabriella | Zaccagnini, Enrico (Florence)
Neurobiologically Based Psychotherapy: A Main Path to Peace

Levy, Arnon (Givatayim)
Dynamic Positive Coaching Psychology, Introduction Workshop for Therapists
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Milosevic, Vladimir (Idrija, Slowenia)
“Men don’t Cry”, Film with Discussion
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Shapiro, Yakov (Edmonton)
Psychodynamic Psychiatry in the XXIth Century: Evidence-based Principles of Care and Nonlinear Dynamics of Clinical Interaction
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Singh, Mandeep (London) | Doctor, Ronald (London)
Improvised Spoken-word Workshop: Exploring Peace and Aggression Through Group Free Association
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Sredina, Tatiana (Munich) | Guzek, Andrzej (Munich)
Self-experience through Music Therapy (please bring your own small instruments of any kind , e.g. flutes, drums etc.)
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Welldon, Estela (London) | Doctor, Ronald (London)
Fear of Death or of Murder? Challenges Confronted in the Modified Psychoanalytic Setting Established by Forensic Psychotherapy
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