Affiliated member of the WPA – World Psychiatric Association

Honorary President’s message

Dear colleagues, friends, current and future WADP members!

WADP_Prof_Nikolaj-Neznanov-RZMental health is one of the cornerstones of our society’s well-being, one of the main indicators of health in our population and an important part of one’s self-realization. A personalized approach to medicine and mental health is becoming more and more important in our understanding of various treatment paradigms. Both genetic and psychosocial factors play a significant role in causes and outcomes of psychopathology, and understanding these individual variables becomes increasingly important in improving outcomes. Modern science has accumulated persuasive evidence demonstrating overlaps in the pathogenesis of mental and somatic disorders. At the same time, even the most advanced treatment methods, while demonstrating strong evidence in research studies, appear to be less effective in our daily practice. This often happens when we ignore patients’ individual factors during the therapeutic process.

Our rapidly changing world and the large amount of frequently contradictory information present new challenges for patients and specialists alike. Taking on a bio-psycho-social and individualized approach to treatment often requires increased collaboration between various clinicians and specialists. Prevention as well as treatment programs become equally important in approaching these emerging challenges.

The holistic concepts of dynamic psychiatry inform us about the future of mental health, when biological, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual aspects of individual functioning will be fully integrated.

I’m delighted to welcome a broad range of specialists to join our association! We hope to collaborate with a wide group of clinicians, researchers and other specialists who have a strong interest in integrative approaches to mental health. We are at the forefront of very exciting times in the mental health arena and look forward to learning from one another and to improving the lives of our patients and future generations. As a group we will be better equipped to expand on endless possibilities that developments in dynamic psychiatry can offer us.


Prof. Nikolai Neznanov
WADP President