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Panel on Shared Social Responsibility, Covid-19, Mental Health and General Well-being [Download PDF]

  • Chair: Juan Mezzich (USA and Peru)

Invited Panelists:

  • Cesar Alfonso (USA)
  • Michel Botbol (France)
  • Roy Kallivayalil (India)
  • Maya Kulygina (Russia)
  • Margit Schmolke (Germany)
  • Hachem Tyal (Morocco)
  • Anna Vassilieva (Russia)
  • Juan Mezzich (USA and Peru)

Preserving Mental Health in a digitally transformed world [Download PDF]

  • Chair: Bauer, Joachim (Germany)
  • Co-Chair: Oneib, Bouchra (Morocco)

Speakers (in order of appearance):

  • Bauer, Joachim: Shifting Our Lives from the Analogue World to Virtual Realities – What about Body, Nature, and Interpersonal Bonds?
  • Spitzer, Manfred (Germany): Artificial Intelligence – Opportunities and Risks
  • Botbol, Michel (France): Digital Products and Applications – Do They Affect Mental Health of Children and Adolescents?
  • Thomashoff, Hans-Otto (Austria): The Regressive Pull of Digital Worlds: Solipsism, Splitting, and Paranoia

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