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Guenter Ammon Award

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The Executive Council of the WADP honored Dmitry Mikhaylovich Saraykin for his scientific work “Motivation as characteristic of social energy” with the Günther Ammon Award 2007.


The criteria for the Günter Ammon award are the following:

  • The Günter Ammon Award will be given at every World Congress of the WADP according to these regulations.
  • The award will be given to a young author – not over 40 years of age – of a scientific paper on research, practice and/or theory on Dynamic Psychiatry submitted to consideration for this award.
  • The applications for the  award should reach the WADP office not later than 6 months prior to the world congress.
  • The Executive Council of the WADP is authorized to appoint a jury of 3 members that will select the winning candidate for the award.
  • The award will include a diploma and a fellowship to stay at a DAP institute and/or hospital in order to study the work of Dynamic Psychiatry.
  • A session will be held at every world congress in which the winning paper will be presented.