Affiliated member of the WPA – World Psychiatric Association


Mohammad Sanati. MD, FRCPsych.

Place of birth: Esfahan


MD. 1970, Tehran University
MRCPsych (London) 1983,
FRCPsych (London)1994


Primary school; 1950-1055 (Hedayat primary school- Esfahan)

Secondary school; 1955-1961 ( Saadi Secondary School- Esfahan)

Higher education, Tehran University, Medical Faculty ; 1961- 1967

Postgraduate: London; London university hospitals, London Institute of Psychiatry and The

Maudsly Hospital, The Middlesex Medical School Rotation in psychiatry. St George’s Medicall school; Springfield Hospital.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists( London)

Training and experiences:

  1. Adult general psychiatry, community psychiatry, psycho-geriatrics, forensic psychiatry, child psychiatry 1974-1982 London university hospitals.( Institute of Psychiatry, Middlesex Medical school psychiatric Rotation, St,Georges Medicall school psychiatric rotation)
  2. Neurology; The National Hospital for Nervous diseases(London)
  3. Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and group psychotherapy; 1976-1981 with Malcom Pines, Ian Krieger, Hienz Woolf, Harold Behr. (Institute of psychiatry and The Maudsly Hospital and central Middlesex Hospital. London )
  4. Behavior therapy/ Cognitive therapy: from 1979-80 ( With Victor Meyer and Ted Chessar at Middlesex Medical school; St Lukes Woodside Hospital, London),
  5. Family and Marital therapy; Central Middlesex Hospital,’ Marital Research center’ with Jack Dominian and Harold Behr


Long Grove Hospital Epsom, UK. 1975-76, SHO

Maida Vale & National Hospital,London 1976 ( neurology)

Institute of Psychiatry( London), The Maudsley Hospital and The Bethlem Royal


The Middlesex Hospital, Central Middlesex Hospital and Saint-Lukes Hospital (The Middlesex Medical School) 1979-81, London. Registrar

Sprigfield Hospital.(ST George’s Medical School) 1982-83, Registrar and senior registrar

The South Manchester Hospital 2000, Consultant Psychiatrist,(community psychiatry)

In Iran;

Assisstant Professor of psychiatry, Tehran University of Medical sciences,21.11.1984.

Associate Professor of psychiatry, 21.11.1990.

member of The High Committee for the development of psychiatric Services,1985-89.

Member Board of Examination of Psychiatry From 1985-1993

The Head of The Academic Group of Psychiatry. Tehrn University Of Medical Sciences (TUMS), Sept. 18.10.85-8.3.89

The Psychiatric Administrator of Roozbeh Hospital. 1985-1989

The head of Department of Dynamic Psychotherapy in Roozbeh Psychiatric Hospital since 1996-..

The head of Ward2; Adult psychiatry from 2002- 2016

The Head of the Department of Psychotherapy from 2008 

The head of research group for psychoanalysis and art, at ‘Iranian Academy of Art’ from June2008- sept 2010

The head of Executive committee for psychotherapy, Iranian Psychiatrists Association (IPA) from 2005-...-

Member of editorial Board of the Journal of Tehran Medical Faculty from 1986- 1990.

Member Board of The Journal of Iranian Psychiatry

Member of editorial board of “Psychoanalytic Discourse /Discours Psychanalytique (PSYAD) An Independent International Journal. online


1 – A 3 day workshop on ” Group Marital Counseling” presenters and instructors: Sanati.M, Moin.M, Mofidi.A, Ketabi.M., Sponsor Behzisti e Tehran, The Office for preventive Medicine. 1998.

  1. A 3 days workshop on ‘ Group-therapy for Addicts’ Presenters and group instructors: Sanati.M, Moin.M, Nabipoor.M, Kavian.M,, Sponsor; Behzisti e Tehran, The Office for Preventive Medicine 2.
  2. Annual Workshops of ‘Non-professional Counseling” for university Tutors since 1998-1999 (11 work shops). Students Counseling Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Designer and presenter: Moin.M.sanati.M
  3. Workshop on ” Grief work” Presenters: Sanati.M, Moin.M, Didaran.V, The 5th Consecutive Annual Meeting Of the Iranian Psychiatric Association 2005.
  4. Workshop for ” Grief Work” Presenters: Moin.M, Didaran.V. Sanati.M., The 6th Consecutive Annual Meeting Of the Iranian Psychiatric Association 2006.
  5. Workshop on “Interpersonal Psychotherapy”(IPT) presenters and instructors: Moin.M, Kiani.M. Sanati.M, The 6th Consecutive Annual Meeting Of the Iranian Psychiatric Association 2006.
  6. Workshop for ” Marital Counseling” Presenters: Moin.M, Izadian. E, Sanati.M, The 7th Consecutive Annual Meeting Of the Iranian Psychiatric Association 2007.
  7. Workshop For ” Crisis intervention” presenters: Moin.M, Kiani, M, Sanati.M, The 7th Consecutive Annual Meeting Of the Iranian Psychiatric Association 2007.
  8. Workshop for “Grief Work” Presenters: Moin.M, Didaran.V.,Sanati.M The 7th Consecutive Annual Meeting Of the Iranian Psychiatric Association 2007.
  9. Workshop on “psychoanalytic approach to sexual disorders” Presenters: Sanati.M, Moin.M. Raha Counseling Center. 2008.

Training Courses in psychoanalysis and dynamic psychotherapy : as a lecturer and supervizer

  1. A one year ” Introductory course in Psychoanalysis” Designers and Lecturers: Sanati.M, Moin.M., Executive Manager; Moin.M 2006-2007.
  1. A one year ” Introductory course in Object relation theory”. Designers and Lecturers: Sanati.M, Moin.M., Executive Manager; Moin.M 2007-2008.
  2. “Psychotherapy Fellowship”’. Roozbeh Hospital. TUMS. Ongoing 18 months courses for psychiatrists Since 2014..

Papers and presentations on psychiatric, psychoanalytic and psychodynamic psychotherapy issues:

  1. Sanati.M.(1986)’ The concept of Insight in psychiatry’; A Review article. The Journal of Tehran Medical Faculty. Vol.?. Pp51-63.
  2. Sanati.M, Davidian.H (1986) ‘ Organig Features in acute combat disorder, presented at The First Congress of researches in psychiatry and psychology, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. First Prize Winner in research.
  3. Sanati.M. (1988)” Organic factors in the aetiology of hysterical manifestations’; A review article’. The Journal of Tehran Medical Faculty. Vol?.pp 35-43.
  4. Sanati.M.(1988)’ The dilema of obssessive-compulsive disorder’.A review, Presented at Roozbeh Hospital.(unpublished)
  5. Sanati.M. (1989) ‘Cultural backgroundof dynamic psychiatry’.The Journal of Tehran Medical Faculty. Vol?. PP57-67
  6. Sanati.M.(1989)’ On truth and Delusin’. Presented at Roozbeh Hospital.(unpublished)
  7. Davidian.H, Sanati.M. (1989) ” Disturbance of consciousness in Iranian combatants” presented at the World Congress of Psychiatry. Athens; Greece.
  8. Sanati.M. (1989) ” Love reaction; A study of 19 Iranian patients”. Presented at the Symposium on Depression. Roozbeh Hospital. Tehran. Published in Gardoon.1995, 50,p75-79.
  9. Sanati.M.(1989)’ What is Psychotherapy? and who is Psychotherapist?’ presented at the Tehran Institute of Psychiatry.(unpublished)
  10. Davidian.H, Jalili.s.A. Sanati.M.(1990)’The cost and benefits of the treatments of schizophrenic patients in the Iranian socio-medical setting’. Presented at the first workshop on the cost of schizophrenia. Venice.
  11. Jalili.s.A., Sanati.M.(1990):’ EEG study of the 50 cases of chronic combat reaction’. Presented at the 12th International Congress of electroencephalography and clinical neurophysiology’. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil.
  1. Sanati.M.(1991)’Abnormal illness behaviour’. The Journal of Tehran Medical Faculty. Vol? PP45-59.
  2. Sanati.M.,Razaghi.M.O.(1991)’ Chronic pain management; a new cognitive- behavioural method” Presented at the symposium on non-organic treatments in psychiatry. Kerman. Iran.(innovation)
  3. Single-gender grouptherapy; An object- relation approach; An Iranian experience’. Presented at the symposium on non-organic treatments in psychiatry. Kerman. Ir 1991
  4. Sanati.M(1993) ‘Single- Sex groups; 15 years experience’. Presented at the symposium on non-organic treatments in psychiatry. Kerman. Iran.(Innovation)
  5. Sanati.M., Zarghami.M., Kashoofi.M.(1991)’Anxiety features in post-traumatic stress disorder’. The Journal of the Tehran Medical Faculty. Pp 43-55
  6. Sanati.M., Zarghami.M., Kashoofi.M.(1991)’Clinical Evaluation of PTSD with MMPI in Iranian combatants’. Presented at the First annual Congress of psychiatry and psychology. Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Tehran.
  7. Sanati.M., Zarghami.M., Kashoofi.M.,(1991)’ Shortcomings of DSM3-R criteria for diagnoses of PTSD; A study on 73 Iranian combatants. Presented at the Symposium on War Psychiatric Disorders. Tehran.
  8. Sanati.M., Zarghami.M., Kashoofi.M., (1991) ‘Headache in PTSD’. Presented at The 3rd Congress of Research in Psychiatry and Psychology. Shahid Behshti University of Medical Sciences.Tehran.
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  11. Sanati.M. Mojtabai.R.(1993)’ Fregoli Syndrome with a jealous theme’. The Journal of clinical Psychiatry.
  12. Sanati.M.,Zarghami.M.,Kashoofi.M.(1995) “Depression in chronic combat reaction” The Journal of Faculty of Medicine 53th year.No 2,pp 75-78.
  13. Sanati.M (2004)’ Psychotherapy in the death conscious East’. Presented at the International Congress Of Psychotherapy. Iran University of Medical Sciences. Tehran. (unpublished)
  14. Sanati.M, Nabipoor Ashrafi. M(2004)’ Diagnostic problems of obssessive- compulsive disorder’
  15. Javanbakht. A, Sanati.M.(2006)’ Psychiatry and psychoanalysis in Iran’. The Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry.FRONTLINE PAPER. Vol 34. No 3, PP405-414.
  16. Moinolghorabai.M, Sanati.M(2008)’evaluation of the effectiveness of life skills Training for Iranian working women’. Iranian Journal of Psychiatry and behavioral Sciences(IJPBS) vol2, number2.
  17. Moin. M, Sanati.M, Ghaeli.P, Khalili.H, Khoonsari.K, Alimadadi.A, Abbasi Asl.M R, Rastegarpan.M. (2008) Efficacy of 8 week trial of imipramine and citalopram in patients with Mixed Anxiety-Depressive disorder Iranian J Psychiatry 3:4, 16-19, fall 2008
  18. Sanati.M, Moinolghorabai.M, Bakhshai. (2008)’The impact of group psychotherapy and medication compared with medication alone’ presented at Iranian psychiatry Congress
  19. ______(2008)”Pleasure of fear and Tension’. Presented at the 2nd Congress

on Social and Cultural Psychiaty. Tehran.

  1. _______(2014) “ Psychoanalysis in Iran: changing socio-cultural context’ presented at “The 1st Iranian Congress of Psychoanalysis and dynamic psychotherapy’
  2. _______ (2016) “On Revenge”. Presented at the 2nd Iranian Congress of Psychoanalysis and dynamic psychotherapy’
  3. ________(2017) “30 years’ Experience in single-gender object-relation grouptherapy in Iran” presented at the  Florence. 18th World Congress of the World Association for DynamicPsychiatry (WADP) “Creative processes in psychotherapy

Papers and presentation on cultural and Psychoanalytic studies:


  1. Sanati.M,(1987)’Dependent humanbeing’ Jame e saalem, number
  2. Sanati.M,(1987)Dependent generation Jame e saalem, number
  3. Sanati.M,(1987)Dependent Society Jame e saalem, number
  4. Sanati.M,(1987)From dependency to independency Jame e saalem, number
  5. Sanati.M,(1987)Freedom, insight and responsibility Jame e saalem, number
  6. Sanati.M(2003) ‘ Foundations of despotism in Iran: A psycho- cultural theory of tyranny’ , Ketab-e Towse’e, special issue,vol13, pp 69-96.
  7. Sanati.M (2003) ‘ Tyranny and despotism: fear of freedom in “Master-slave” relationship’. Ketab-e Towse’e, special issue,vol14, pp 67-80.

On psychoanalytic, Art and literature

  1. Sanati.M.(1987) ‘ Frustrated Desire’. Mofid 16-5,p 17-21
  2. Sanati.M (1987) ‘The Limbo of relationship’. Mofid.17-6,19-22
  3. Sanati.M (1987) ‘With death against death’.Mofid.19-8,p35-39
  4. Sanati.M (1988) ‘Hertzog’s Fitzccaraldo and Kaspar Hauser’. Donyaye Sokhan, No 20. p46-48
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  6. Sanati.M.(1990) ‘The spear of wrath, the father’. Donyaye Sokhan, no37, p54-61
  7. Sanati.M.(2002) ‘Mithyfication and demythification in blind owl’, Read at the 100 Anniversary of Sadegh Hedayat’s birth. Writers Kanoon. Published in Hamshahri.
  8. Sanati.M.(2003) ‘Sadeg Hedayat and his paradoxical injunxion to culture of death”
  9. Sanati.M (2003) ‘ Desire and Death in Bunoel’s cinema’. Read at Kanoon e cinema.
  10. Sanati.M.(2004) ‘Mythological structure of blind owl’. Nashr e Markaz (unpublished)
  11. Sanati.M (2004) ‘Creation of eternal bird: signs of Eros in the sense of death’. Presented at Khane Ketab’s day for Ahmad Reza Ahmadi
  12. Sanati.M.(2004) ‘Half a century mythologization of sadegh Hedayat and his Blind Owl’
  13. Sanati.M (2005) ‘To kill and to be killed: A psychoanalytic interpretation of wandering nightingale’. A Research project sponsored by Iranian Cultural Heritage; Antropology Pajuheshkadeh.
  14. _______ (2005) ‘ presence of the past as present in the globolized world’s culture” presented at The International Congress of Art and Globalization. Tehran.
  15. _______ (2006) ‘Freud; Oedipus or Sphynx?’ first presented at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Published in Shargh.
  16. _______ (2006) ‘Umberto Ecco and the limits of interpretation’. Read at the Umerto Eco’s Night, printed in Bukhara No 53, p 278-290.
  17. _______.(2006) ‘Truth and interpretation’ read at The Faculty of Architecture and Art.
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  20. _______ (2009) “The end of Kaaikhosrow’s desire for revenge”. Presented at the Academy of Art. “psychoanalytic Conference”.
  21. _______ (2012) “An Interview with Dr. Mohammad Sanati: Psychoanalysis of Abbas Kiarostami and his Certified Copy. “Film” vol17, No 67&68 (Fall2011&winter 2012)


Medical, (co-author) ‘ Intoxications:Diagnoses and treatment’ 1973


1- the newborn 1966 (unpublished)
2- Bakhtak, 1968 ( performed- unpublished)
3- (flog) Lash, 1969 (unpublished)
4- Babak 1974 (unpublished)

psychoanalytic and cultural studies:

1- psychological analysis in art and literature. 2001, markaz Pub. Tehran
2- Sadegh Hedayat and the fear of death, 2002 Markaz Pub. Tehran
3- Time and immortality in Tarkovskys Cinema’ and ‘ Art and Literature of the subjective. 2003. Markaz. Pub. Tehran .
4- An introduction to the concept of death in the Western thought. 2006 in “Death” Organon 26-27.