Affiliated member of the WPA – World Psychiatric Association


Chairmen of the Italien Branch

WADP_Dr-Ezio-Benelli-RZEzio Benelli
Professor Ezio Benelli (Florence, 1947) is Chairman of the Italian Branch for the 17th World Congress of the World Association for Dynamic Psychiatry WADP – XXX th International Symposium of the German Academy for Psychoanalysis (DAP) eV; degree in psychology at the University of Padua and then in Florence who specialized in psychotherapy at the Institute of Psychotherapy HS Sullivan, is actually Psychoanalyst in neo-Freudian, interpersonal and humanistic paradigm. He is past Director of the School of Psychotherapy Erich Fromm di Prato (recognized by the Italian Ministry of University and Research), for which he is supervisor training analyst; and Professor of Clinical Psychology and Psychoanalysis Theory and Techniques of individual and group. He is President of the International Erich Fromm Foundation, scientific and cultural institution based in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, and director of the editorial series “L’Immaginale”, for publishing Aracne, Rome. Judge at the Court of Florence for children, and vice president of the Order of Psychologists of Tuscany Region, has now been re-elected councilor of the Order of Psychologists of Tuscany, and regional contact for the Penitentiary Psychology and Criminology. Ezio Beneli is also coordinator of the Center for Mediation and Family Resources at the Polo Psicodinamiche-Training Agency accredited by the Region of Tuscany, site in Prato.


WADP_Dr-Irene-Battaglini-RZIrene Battaglini
Irene Battaglini (1969), scientist and professor of psychology of ART, painter and art critic, lives in Florence (Italy). She has focused his research on the creative dimensions of language imaginal and on the contribution of dynamic psychology with a thorough reading of the problems of contemporary art. She participates at the 17 th World Congress of the World Association for Dynamic Psychiatry WADP inc. Berne – XXX th International Symposium of the German Academy for Psychoanalysis (DAP) e.V. with a paper on narcissism within psychodynamic patterns of expression of Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon, Cy Twombly, Pablo Picasso, Lucio Fontana. She features three painting exhibitions in Prato and Florence: Radici di Fiume (2012), Re-generation (2007), Re-visions (2003).
Irene Battaglini is graduated in Clinical Psychology in Florence and she is CEO and Founder of Polo Psicodinamiche –  School of Psychotherapy Erich Fromm, in Prato (recognized by the Italian Ministry of University and Research and Training Agency accredited by the Region of Tuscany), in which coordinates projects of Higher Education in Psychology of Art, Professional Skills. Founder and editing coordinator of “Frontiera_di_pagine_ magazine_on_line”, she is a member of the Scientific Committee of the editorial series “L’Immaginale” for publishing Aracne, Rome, for which she published the essay “Psicodinamica del Sé e delle relazioni familiari” (eds, 2012) and the essay “Frontiera di Pagine” (2013) together with Andrea Galgano, which collects essays and speeches of art, poetry and literature, and the catalogs “Radici di fiume” (Polo Psicodinamiche, 2013) and “Downtown” (Aracne, 2015), an intense symbiotic path of art and poetry. Vicepresident of the International Erich Fromm Foundation, scientific and cultural institution based in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Irene Battaglini is also member of the Tuscan regional intellectual health and social professions committee.


Institute “Polo Psicodinamiche”

We are the result of a thirty years experience in the field of psychology and psychotherapy, but this is not all: Polo Psicodinamiche is art, literature, poetry, photography, music therapy. It offers seminars, conferences, exhibitions and advanced training courses for professionals both in classroom and by distance learning. Its associative heart and professional soul coexist in the headquarters of Prato, in the wide rooms of Via Giotto 49, which hosted the Local Health Authority until 2008.
At Polo Psicodinamiche was developed a coordinated action between training and intervention. Our attention is focused on the changes of environment and people’s needs and we give great importance to the multidisciplinary teamwork.

We have developed a special technique for psychoanalytic psychodrama which combines group psychotherapy and deep analysis and has been refined over the years by our analysis, supervisors and teachers Ezio Benelli and Giuseppe Rombolà Corsini.

Polo Psicodinamiche is also “Scuola di Psicoterapia Erich Fromm”, a four years psychotherapy school for postgraduate students which has been acknowledged by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and features a team of more than thirty senior lecturers. We are a clinical-diagnostic center and we offer psychotherapy for individuals, families, couples and groups. Our team consists of a group of twenty psychologists and psychotherapists with a dynamic orientation who work in many cities of Tuscany. We also cooperate with colleagues coming from different backgrounds for those cases requiring the contribution of techniques and models different from the psychodynamic-psychoanalytic model.

We offer consulting services even in complex cases, providing the appropriate psychological and psychotherapeutic program for families and groups, with the drafting of the dynamic-functional profile of the interpersonal skills.
The School of Psychotherapy Erich Fromm was born inside the Polo Psicodinamiche of Prato, thanks to the thirty years experience of the founding members. It received the acknowledgement  of the Ministry of Education in 2011.

Today it’s a landmark for psychotherapists, psychologists and physicians who want a deeper and authentic grounding in the field of humanistic and interpersonal psychotherapy with a psychoanalytic orientation, practicing with individual and group clinical intervention. Scuola di Psicoterapia Erich Fromm is a place for exhibitions, events and workshops like “Create Ability”, in which creativity and philosophy are combined into an ever greater emphasis on high educational quality.

Our headquarters is located in Via Giotto 49, in Prato, a short walk from the central railway station, and it’s a completely renewed environment. It consists of a soundproof room and a group of three well equipped classrooms where lessons, lectures and experiential workshops are held. Our offices host qualified professionals who are registered as practitioners and are constantly supervised. They provide clinical diagnostic services and psychological emergency services.

Our Values

  • Transparency: We encourage the sharing of information both by social media and internal communications.
  • Empathy: The direction, the secretariat and the facilitators support and follow the students in all the phases of their training program.
  • Ethics of autonomy: Each student, in agreement with the direction, can develop an educational curriculum that has been designed to enhance his or her personal skills.