Affiliated member of the WPA – World Psychiatric Association



Chairwoman of the Turkish Branch (Curriculum Vitae)

WADP_Goekalp-MD-RZR. Peykan G. Gökalp, MD
Professor of Psychiatry

Phone & Fax +90 212 240 555
Born in Istanbul, Turkey. Graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine (1983) before residency training in Psychiatry.
Languages: Turkish (native), English (excellent), German (medium), French (beginner)


Work History and Positions

  • Private Practice & Visiting Professor and Advisor for Graduate Program of Clinical Psychology, Istanbul Bilgi University Dept. of Psychology. 2013- current
  • Professor and Director, Department of Psychiatry, Maltepe University School of Medicine 2009- 2012
  • Co- Director, Outpatient Department for Mood Disorders, BSTRH 2007-2008
  • Co- Director, Outpatient Department for Anxiety Disorders and Psychotherapy, Bakırköy State Teaching and Research Hospital for Psychiatry and Neurology (BSTRH): 2001 – 2007
  • Associate  Professor of Psychiatry İstanbul University: 1999
  • Specialist and Lecturer in Psychiatry: BSTRH 1992-2001.
  • Resident of Psychiatry, Bakırköy State Teaching and Research Hospital for Psychiatry and Neurology (BSTRH) Istanbul, 1988-1992.
  • Academic and Professional Activities
  • Chair, Centennial Program, Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society (TNS) 2014-2016
  • EC Member; TNS (2014-2016, 2016-2018)
  • President, Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society (found. 1914) member society of World Psychiatric Association-WPA) 2004 –2014,
  • Former Member of Executive Committee, Psychiatry Board, Psychiatric Association of Turkey (PAT)
  • Member, Mental Health Policy Task Force, PAT
  • Member, WPA Scientific Sections on Women’s Mental Health and Section on Personality Disorders
  • Member, PAT Scientific Sections on Women’s Mental Health, Anxiety Disorders & Disaster Mental Health.
  • Member, Ethics Committee,  BSTRH Istanbul 2002-2008.
  • Member, Institutional Review Board for Clinical Investigations, Maltepe University Medical Faculty  2009-2012.
  • Has studied, taught and written extensively on Anxiety Disorders, Women’s Mental Health, Disasters and Trauma, Ethics and Psychotherapies in Turkish and in English both in Turkey and international literature.

Training in Psychoanalysis

  • Psychodrama training group based on the training  Überlingen Moreno Institute (1989 – 1996).
  • Istanbul Psychoanalytic Association (founded in 2001). Membership 2002-present
  • 2007, IPA Turkish Study Group was formed by the first four psychoanalysts in Istanbul.
  • I have taken group supervision from Stella Ovadia for 16 months from September 2005, every week and continued with individual supervision for another 6 months until June 2007.
  • I have taken group supervisions before and within the IPA psychoanalytic formation as a candidate from Bernard Penot and Yoram Hazan every 1.5 months starting from  2005, until 2009 with Penot and until 2011 with Hazan. I took individual supervision from Sara Kolker from Israel for a psychoanalytic psychotherapy face to face patient for two years between 2008-2010.
  • I have started my first individual supervision for my first analytic case starting from 23rd Nov 2007 ( once a week face to face sessions)  with Yoram Hazan from Israel, who used to visit Istanbul regularly for our formation. After Yoram Hazan’s unexpected death, I have met and communicated with Sara Kolker again for my first case whom I will present to the Coommittee in April 2012.
  • My supervisor for my second psychoanalytic case is Tevfika Ikiz, since she is in Istanbul I see her every week since November 2007. I have started to see my second case since November 19th 2009 face to face, then on the couch since March 24th, 2010, three times a week.

I have translated several texts in English to be published in the Journals, “Psychoanalytic Papers” and “Psychoanalytic Meetings” published in Turkish. I am taking part in the “Seminars for Introducing Psychoanalysis” for three years, both as a lecurer and discussant where young colleagues who are interested to learn about psychoanalysis participate.

In 2008 Tevfika Ikız started seminars on Psychosomatics in conjunction with “Association Institut de Psychosomatique IPSO-Pierre Marty”. I was curious about learning deeper about psychosomatics because I had seen numerous patients who had psycosomatic illnesses and needed psychological help other than psychiatric treatments. Claude Smadja and Beatrice LeFrançois were invited to Istanbul for training in Istanbul. After B. LeFrançois started visiting Istanbul and supervising psychosomatic patients within the group, and reading psychosomatic papers, we visited IPSO-Paris as the group of trainees and joined supervision meetings. I was accepted into formation in IPSO in March 2010. I am continuing my case with supervision from B.LeFrançois 4 times a year and monthly supervision sessions from the internet.

I finished my psychoanalytic training in Istanbul Psychoanalytic Association (Provisional Society-IPA) within IPA sponsorship and became IPA Member in 2012 April.

Other Activities

Dr. Gokalp is involved in a number of steering committees and advocacy activities in the development of mental health policies in Turkey including the founding the Mental Health Platform-Turkey 2006 that cooperates with societies of patients and carers  and  professionals’ societies national and international and conducts public education campaigns on mental health for underprivileged populations and women.