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Religion and Philosophy: Towards a New Encounter between Belief and Theory

Khalid Hajji
Humanity is currently going through a very perilous period. More than ever, all philosophies, as well as all religions, seem incapable of making sense of our increasingly senseless actions. There is every reason to believe that the age of enlightenment, so closely associated with a philosophical vision of the world, is capable of producing as much misfortune as the period of history associated with religious obscurantism.
In many respects, the post-secular context in which we live lends itself to a re-reading of the relationship between religion and philosophy. The aim of our paper is to show the extent to which philosophy or religion, whatever its nature, has no sense other than that articulated by our philosophism or religiosity. Taking advantage of philosophy or religion does not make sense as long as human beings do not assume their moral responsibility.

Khalid Hajji
‫حاجي‬ ‫خالد‬
Doctorate from Paris-Sorbonne IV, in Anglo-American Studies under the supervision of Professor Kenneth White

Thesis: L’Expérience du désert chez Lawrence d’Arabie: géographie, politique, poétique, sagesse

Professional and Academic Experience

Professor ( since 1995) of Anglo-American Literature and Culture
Department of English Studies, Faculty of the Humanities,
Mohammed 1rst University, Oujda / Morocco
Founding member of « Groupe d’Etudes en Science et Culture » (Morocco: Oujda, 1996)
Founding member of « ‫والباحثني‬ ‫للمفكرين‬ ‫الحكمة‬ ‫منتدى‬ » (Forum of Wisdom for Thinkers and
Researchers) (Morocco: Rabat, 2000)
Founding member of « Aljazeera Research Centre » (Qatar: Doha, 2006)
Secretary General of « European Council of Moroccan Ulema » (Belgium: Brussels,
President of « Brussels Forum of Wisdom and World Peace » (Belgium: Brussels, 2016-2018)


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